More On Ron Paul

Discussing Ron Paul's "brothel endorsement" and the media coverage that followed.

I was not surprised to see the amount of traffic and response our episode on the Bunny Ranch endorsement elicited. Ron Paul is an Internet sensation, and frequently at the top of the search lists on Technorati and Yahoo.

I think it's worth it to keep the dialogue open on this story, as some of you made some great points.

One reader, wgaryjohnson, points out Tucker Carlson's connection to Dennis Hof. Hof was reportedly at the Ron Paul event as Carlson's guest. This is not the first time Carlson has attempted to "sex up" the 2008 race. On this YouTube clip from his show, he interviews a "stripper for Ron Paul," and even says, "when you combine strippers and the 2008 race, that's why they evented cable television."

As a self proclaimed supporter of Ron Paul's candidacy, is Carlson bringing some unwanted attention, or finding a way to get his man more airplay? That's worth discussing.

I think hutch2471 made an interesting point when he wrote that MSM is trying to discredit Ron Paul. Well, how so? The endorsement was not Paul's doing, and our show included a soundbite from a campaign spokesman who said clearly that Paul does not condone Dennis Hof's lifestyle. We then went on to mention that a porn star and a former Madam have endorsed Hillary Clinton. These are what Radar Magazine once dubbed "undorsements." As a presidential contender, you can't control who likes you or who speaks out in your favor. You can only distance yourself from the less than savory.

Finally, brettrix asks, "What's wrong with prostitutes?" We are not here to judge. Suffice it to say that politics makes for very strange bedfellows. Did anyone expect that Pat Robertson would share a stage with Rudy Giuliani, let alone endorse him as a presidential candidate?

To be continued.