More On President Bush's Plan

President Bush, Iraq Speech, January 10, 2007
Days after President Bush announced his new plan for Iraq, Democrats and moderate Republicans expressed skepticism about the call to increase the U.S. military commitment in Iraq.

What Is The New Plan?

President Bush is sending 21,500 more Americans to Iraq, arguing it has been a mistake not to commit larger numbers of U.S and Iraqi troops to stabilize the increasingly violent country. Key elements include:
  • Let the Iraqis lead;
  • Help Iraqis protect the population;
  • Isolate extremists;
  • Create space for political progress;
  • Diversify political and economic efforts; and
  • Situate the strategy in a regional approach.
  • What Are The Security Elements For The Plan

  • Publicly acknowledge all parties are responsible for quelling sectarian violence.
  • Work with additional Coalition help to regain control of the capital and protect the Iraqi population.
  • Deliver necessary Iraqi forces for Baghdad and protect those forces from political interference.
  • Commit to intensify efforts to build balanced security forces throughout the nation that provide security even-handedly for all Iraqis.
  • Plan and fund eventual demobilization program for militias.


  • Agree that helping Iraqis to provide population security is necessary to enable accelerated transition and political progress.
  • Provide additional military and civilian resources to accomplish this mission.
  • Accelerate and expand the embed program while minimizing risk to participants.
  • What Are Some Political Elements Of The Plan?

  • Partnership between Prime Minister Maliki, Iraqi moderates, and the United States where all parties are clear on expectations and responsibilities.
  • Strengthen the rule of law and combat corruption.
  • Build on security gains to foster local and national political accommodations.
  • Make Iraqi institutions even-handed, serving all of Iraq's communities on an impartial basis.
  • What Are Some Of the Economic Elements Of The Plan?

  • Deliver economic resources and provide essential services to all areas and communities.
  • Enact hydrocarbons law to promote investment, national unity, and reconciliation.
  • Capitalize and execute jobs-producing programs.
  • Match U.S. efforts to create jobs with longer term sustainable Iraqi programs.
  • Focus more economic effort on relatively secure areas as a magnet for employment and growth.
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