More On Math For America

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What Is Math for America?
Math for America was established to substantially improve the quality of mathematics education in our country's public schools. The organization works with teachers, school administrators, parents and other stakeholders through a variety of approaches to accomplish this important objective.

What Are MFA's Long Range Goals?
Its long range goals are to have the federal government, state governments and local school districts adopt policies that:

  • Attract individuals with strong mathematics backgrounds or with appropriate mathematics credentials to careers as mathematics teachers.
  • Properly compensate teachers to enhance retention and to promote and reward high quality performance.
  • Provide strong support services to talented teachers in their early years in the classroom.
  • What Is The Newton Fellowship Program?

    The Newton Fellowship Program recruits and trains mathematically-talented individuals to become outstanding secondary school math teachers. The five-year Fellowship offers generous financial incentives ($90,000 over five years in addition to teaching salary), full tuition scholarship for a master's in education at one of MfA's Partner Universities, and support services including mentoring and camaraderie with a group of teachers who know and love math. You can read more about it here.

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