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In business, men continue to play a dominant role, more often than not. But one woman is working to change that by replacing the old boy network with one that helps women. Find out more about her organization, 85 Broads.

What Is 85 Broads?

Originally founded by Janet Hanson in 1999 as an independent network for current and former Goldman Sachs women professionals, today 85 Broads connects and empowers a dynamic and diverse community of over 16,000 members around the globe, including women graduate and undergraduate students from the world's leading colleges and universities through its unique Broad2Broad and Broad2Be co-mentoring partnerships.

What Is Its Mission?

According to founder Janet Hanson, "85 Broads connects women across geographies, generations, academic institutions, and cultures. We are more than a community of 16,000 women. We are the women who will lead companies, win the Nobel peace prize, dance on the Broadway stage, find the cure for cancer, and invent new technologies. We will accomplish everything we ever wanted to accomplish in life by sharing the best of what we have with each other."

85 Broads believes there isn't a moment to lose. According to their mission, "visionary women intuitively know that to effect sustainable change, we must PARTNER with each other. Our network provides a platform to connect amazing women across generations who know that together we can run companies, lead nations, and change the world."

Who Is Eligible To Join?

Women who are current students or alumnae of the organization's undergraduate or graduate partner schools are eligible to join 85 Broads. You can see this list of partners here.

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