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More New Tools for Digital Pictures

. It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between photos you have developed and digital photographs. Epson has a combination that's hard to beat in it's new Stylus Photo 700 printer and PhotoPC 700 digital camera. You can connect the camera to your computer, TV, VCR or directly to the Photo 700 printer. That allows you to print with fantastic results without even turning the computer on. It is what is called a megapixel camera, meaning the resolution is much better than what you get with some of the lower priced cameras on the market. Olympus was one of the first companies to introduce megapixel cameras. And its high end D-600L lets you see through the lens. And transferring photos from the camera to your computer is a snap with the company's new FlashPath Floppy Disk Adapter. You don't need a cable and all the configuring anymore. Where's the technology going? Dave Veilleux of OlympusÂ…

"In one regard, it's pretty easy to see the future. Higher resolutions and lower prices. By this Christmas time, the story is going to be very simple. Megapixel."

If you're buying, look for a megapixel model and one that includes re-chargeable batteries. Most do.

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