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More Net Freebies....

It started out offering a free service to let you access email from any telephone. Now from General adding voice mail over a toll free number....

"This feature allows the users to give out their phone number to their friends and family and those people can now leave voicemail messages in their MyTalk account. So when a user logs in, not only can this person access email, they can also access voicemail, all in the same inbox. All using just their voice.
General Magic's Kevin Wray. The technology is pretty amazing and sounds like this...

"Welcome to MyTalk, please tell me your four digit extension."

Answer the question...and continue...

"You have five new messages and you have old messages. Here's your first message... "

What's the catch? What else? Short targeted commercials. In addition to voicemail and email, you can also use the MyTalk service to make short phone calls...anywhere in the country for free...

"When you're on the phone with MyTalk, at any given moment you can ask it to dial a number for you. And you have two minutes of calling time."
When that call ends, you can make another and another.

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