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More Lessons On Ivy League Mommy Track

The New York Times story we wrote about yesterday is still a major Gripe Of Wrath on many blogs and, I believe, in real places too. The story has fallen to #2 on the Times' "most e-mailed list" though.

Today, FishbowlNY has an intriguing take on the story from a Yale undergraduate who says (anonymously) that she was interviewed extensively for the story by Story (Louise Story, the author). The unnamed Yalie says her views of work, motherhood and history were badly mangled in the piece.

What torqued me up the most about the story (besides the mechanics of the journalism) was the notion that only a certain kind of person (professional, careerist) is worthy of an "elite" education; but much of the anger-buzz about the piece elsewhere thinks the trend she is reporting on (women at good schools increasingly less committed to work and more to family) is itself bogus. Other simply feel the whole piece dissed mothers. And you?

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