More Entertainment From Cedric

Coming off the success of his role as Eddie, in "Barbershop," Cedric the Entertainer returns to the big screen in "Barbershop 2: Back to Business" as the over-the-top barber who is anything but politically correct. The film is scheduled to open Friday.

Cedric tells The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen he had a lot of fun developing Eddie.

The oldest member of Calvin's crew, Cedric says, "is just a combination of the many older people I've met throughout my life and just kind of take on that attitude that being old gives you the right to say and do whatever you want to do. So that's the position this character has in the movie."

"Barbershop 2" deals with change as hungry corporations move into the community with coffee bars, video stores, and a big-name haircut chain, jeopardizing the area's "mom and pop" establishments.

And Cedric manages to steal the show once again, although he had some stiff competition from Queen Latifah.

"Queen came in and it was just a great addition to the movie," Cedric says, "I was throwing different lines each take, trying to come up with the other things that would be funny."

Not only do fans know Cedric for his film and stand-up work but for his Budweiser commercials.

"I love to entertain," he says. "I love to make people laugh any way I can make it happen. But stand-up is probably the space where for the things you want to say, you get instant gratification. You say a joke, and the crowd laughs right back at you."

About Cedric The Entertainer:

  • Born in St. Louis, Mo., on April 24, 1964, Cedric Kyles started his stand-up career in the mid-1980s, playing the comedy circuit in his hometown.
  • In 1992, made his television debut on an episode of "It's Showtime at the Apollo."
  • From 1994-1995 got a stint as host of BET's comedian showcase series "Comic View." He also received from the network the Richard Pryor Comedian of the Year Award in 1994.
  • From 1996 -2002, reached a wide audience as a cast member of "The Steve Harvey Show" becoming well known as Cedric, the phys ed instructor, the best friend and roommate of Harvey's Steve Hightower, a jazz musician turned high school teacher.
  • In 2000, was showcased in the Spike Lee concert film "The Original Kings of Comedy." And made his film debut with a supporting role in the comedy "Big Momma's House." That same year, he and Harvey were profiled along with D.L. Hughley and Bernie Mac as "The Original Kings of Comedy."
  • In 2001, he was featured as the preacher presiding over the funeral chronicled in the comedy "Kingdom Come" and lent his voice to the zoo bear in "Dr. Dolittle 2." And he romanced a very hot date in the Budweiser Super Bowl ad.
  • In 2002, his voice was heard in the animated feature "Ice Age." And he had a supporting role in "Servicing Sara."
  • Cedric took his acting to a new level as he is cast as Eddie, a semi-retired older barber with a Frederick Douglass hairdo who has worked in a barbershop for several generations voicing controversial opinions.

    From 2002-2003, he worked for the Fox Network in his own series "Cedric the Entertainer Presents."

  • In 2003, he returned to the big screen as a private detective in the Coen Brothers' screwball comedy "Intolerable Cruelty."