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More Children For Madonna?

The "Material Girl" has earned herself a new title: writer, producer and narrator of the documentary, "I Am Because We Are."

Stars showed up for the world premiere of Madonna's film at the Tribeca Film Festival Thursday evening in New York City.

Rosie O'Donnell, Donna Karan, Bernadette Peters and Tribeca Film Festival founder Jane Rosenthal came out to support the project.

On the red carpet, Madonna spoke about the message of the film and told The ShowBuzz that she would "love to" adopt more children from Malawi.

Photos: The Film Premiere
"I definitely would want to. I just hope it wouldn't be as difficult as the last time," she laughed. "But I would definitely love to."

The documentary takes place in southeastern Africa, the landlocked and densely populated country of Malawi.

It highlights the fact that in a country of 12 million people, an unprecedented one million-plus children have been orphaned by AIDS, and malnutrition and inadequate medical treatment still run rampant.

The multitalented Madonna assumes one of her most impactful roles yet as writer, producer, and narrator of this eye-opening and heart-wrenching documentary.

Under the confident direction of first-timer Nathan Rissman, we journey with Madonna as she exposes the harsh realities of a half-forgotten country by introducing us to its future - Malawi's children.

Photos: Madonna In Malawi
Leading experts such as President Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, and Dr. Paul Farmer are interviewed in the film.

2Nearly two years ago, the 49-year-old mother of three says she received a desperate phone call from a woman born and raised in Malawi.

Says Madonna of this project, "Somebody asked me to come to their help at the right time - at the right moment - in my life and I responded."

The phone call, she says, prompted her to begin charity work and it was while making the documentary on the African country's one million orphans that she found a baby she decided to adopt - David Banda.

"This project is closer to my heart than anything that I've ever done. Because it's about children and it's about children in need. And because through making this film I met my son and so there's a lot of importance attached to it," she told The Associated Press.

Madonna and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, are in the process of formally adopting David, who has been living with the couple in London since shortly after the adoption process began nearly 18 months ago.

Malawi's government, which has been criticised for giving the couple preferential treatment, has recommended the adoption be approved and a hearing is set for May 15.