More Bad Math For Clinton's Campaign

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's warning to superdelegates not to vote differently from delegates elected in primaries was seconded today by former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, a superdelegate and former Democratic Party boss. "The ultimate issue is who has the most delegates," Romer told reporters at a breakfast meeting today. He remains uncommitted, though he had favorable words for Sen. Barack Obama's recent speech on race and Obama's experience as a former state senator. While he said that he's open to a miniprimary in June among Democratic Party superdelegates, he predicted that the remaining primaries would deliver a delegate winner. "The rest of the primaries are going to give us a decision here. My judgment here is also that the superdelegates are going to follow the results of those delegate counts," he said. "Any decision that goes against the delegate count is a very difficult decision." Asked if it wasn't heading to an Obama victory over Sen. Hillary Clinton, Romer explained, "The math is very compelling. I don't think it's done because you've got some primaries you've got to run . . . but I've got to tell you that you get down to the unlikely scenario of you have one candidate has the delegate count; the other candidate has the popular vote count. This is a delegate convention; it's like the Electoral College. That's the rules, and you've got to stay faithful to what it is that you agreed to."

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By Paul Bedard