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More Action Needed Because Bailout Bill Only a "Tourniquet," McCain Says


From CBS News' John Bentley:

(DENVER) – The bailout bill should be voted on by the House of Representatives today, and John McCain's campaign is hoping that it will pass and finally knock the economy off the front page, which they feel has contributed to his sliding poll numbers over the past several days. Even if the bill does pass, though, McCain said yesterday that it's only a stopgap measure.

"If we pass this legislation," he said, "it's like a tourniquet – it will stop the bleeding, but then we have to set about fixing the way we do business in Washington, D.C."

McCain is back on the campaign trail later today with a town hall in Pueblo, Colorado, before he goes to his compound in Sedona, Arizona, to get ready for Tuesday night's debate.

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