"Monty Python and the Holy Grail" modernized trailer

(CBS News) The "Monty Python" films are some of the silliest most sarcastic (and let's face it, pretty low budge) films every made. But what if the iconic 1975 film was made for today? What if someone cut a dramatic blockbuster-style trailer for the movie in 2013? Well, French journalist Stephane Bouley has the answer for you. Check out his faux clip above that re-imagines the comedy in a very dramatic way -- "Holy Grail" fans are sure to be bemused.

I bet you'd never thought you'd see the day when a "Monty Python" movie would remind you of a Michael Bay flick in all its loud, dramatic and action-packed glory. It's a very clever idea. Maybe he'll make over some other classic comedies in this light. What movies would you like to see given the epic blockbuster treatment? "Animal House" perhaps? "The Jerk" pray tell?

For comparison, check out the actual trailer for "Holy Grail," below. The differences are quite astounding.