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Mo'Nique: Love The F.A.T.

Fans know Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson as the lovable man chasing Nikki Parker in the UPN hit television series "The Parkers."

Now the comedienne adds a new credit to her resume with the release of her funny new book, "Skinny Women Are Evil: Notes Of A Big Girl in A Small Minded World."

Mo'Nique visited The Early Show Friday to discuss what she says is a raunchy look at the frustrations of "big girls" who face a world designed for the skinny.

She lets readers in on the obstacles and tricks she uses to get around in a skinny world. She writes about everything, from travel, shopping, dining out, exercising, dating and even choosing friends.

"Skinny Women Are Evil" even has a "Thin-O-Meter" as a guide to help people recognize a "skinny evil" and a "cool thin girl." Mo'Nique explains a skinny woman whose goal it is to control, demean and change the F.A.T (Fabulous And Thick) is a "skinny evil." However, she says, not all skinny women are bad. She has "cool thin friends" with big hearts, who don't make her feel bad about her size.

The comedienne also writes candidly about her disappointment with Oprah, a one time "fat girl" who, she says, tricked "big girls" when she lost weight several years ago.

Mo'Nique has made her weight work for her. Now a size 22 and 220 pounds, the 34-year-old recently got engaged. She has won two NACCP Image Awards for Best In a Comedy Series for her role in "The Parkers," is presently preparing for the show's fifth season and is a host of "It's Showtime at the Apollo." But in her free time, she goes back to her roots as a stand-up comedienne (her first love), whose blue streaked humor will make the toughest sailor blush. The stage, she says, provides instant gratification.

The self-proclaimed F.A.T. girl says all women should learn to be comfortable with their skin and learn to use the curves and bumps they have to their advantage.