Monica's Mother Back in Court

Despite her efforts to avoid any further grand jury testimony, Monica Lewinsky's mother will face further questioning before the federal grand jury in Washington investigating her daughter's alleged affair with President Clinton.

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Marcia Lewis and her attorney, Billy Martin, were in a two-hour closed hearing in Washington Wednesday before Judge Norma Holloway Johnson.

Without giving any details of the hearing, Martin only would say his client remains a witness before the grand jury. It is not immediately clear whether Lewis will be resuming her question before the panel Wednesday.

"Marcia Lewis would like me to note the love and support of her daughter, Monica, through all of this," Martin said, adding that Lewis, " like much of the world, hopes for a speedy resolution to this investigation."

A psychiatrist, Dr. Neil Blumberg, was called into the closed hearing for Lewis, but said afterwards that the judge would not allow him to make any comment on why he was there or who had summoned him to courthouse.

Lewis had taken sick during an appearance before Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr's grand jury six weeks ago. It was said at the time that testifying about her daughter took an emotional and physical toll.

Starr is trying to learn whether Lewinsky, a former White House intern, had an affair with President Clinton and whether they tried to keep it secret.

Lewis pulled up to the courthouse Wednesday morning and was quickly rushed inside. On her way to the courtroom, Lewis slipped and fell in a hallway, but appeared unhurt. She was quickly helped to her feet by Martin.

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