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'Monicagate' Gets Down To Business

American entrepreneurs are cashing in on the latest scandal in Washington.

Consumers can find toys, trading cards, watches, T-shirts, and even coffee with the likeness of the president and Monica Lewinsky on them. And these souvenirs show that finding the humor in such misadventures can indeed be serious business.

Correspondent Ross McLaughlin of CBS affiliate KIRO-TV in Seattle reports that there's a long-nosed doll that looks like the president; it's dubbed "Clinocchio."

Northwest Finest Coffee has a new blend. It's called "Hey, Paula and Monica."

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Some of the merchandise is available at local stores, but most of it is sold on the Internet. One site, called Zippergate, offers everything from trading cards to bumper stickers.

"Whether people like him or don't like him, they all appreciate what we have done here," said Tod Thiese, one of the entrepreneurs.

Several Seattle-area companies say they are making money with their lampoons and providing jobs for workers.

The reaction of consumers is varied. "It's awesome," said one.

"I say, leave him alone. He's had a rough life," said a Clinton sympathizer.

Others wish the whole thing would just go away: "Leave the situation and go to the fish [department]," said one shopper.

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