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Monica Who?

If the President was worried that Democrats would turn on him during a rare visit to the capitol, he should not have, reports CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer.

He stayed well away from the cameras and avoided reporters. However, after an hour-long closed-door meeting, House Democrats could not have been sweeter. They marched to the mikes as if to say "Scandal, what scandal?"

Why didn't any of them ask about Monica Lewinsky and the president's testimony?

One after another they argued that their constituents just don't care.

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"The silence is deafening on the so-called Washington scandal," said California Democratic Rep. Vic Fazio.

That was the support the White House was hoping for. As for whether the president should explain more, Rep. Dick Gephardt said "He has said he is going to testify. We have known that and we support him in that and what we say is that is all that needs to be done."

Privately, Democrats are worried about the impact the scandal will have on the fall elections. However, one told CBS News that no one wanted to be the skunk at the garden party so no one brought that up.

Democrats have clearly decided that their best strategy at present is to hold back their criticism and comment until after the president goes before the grand jury on August 17th and hope that somehow, he can get himself out of all this.

As for the president himself, his friends say his stamina is remarkable.

Vice President Al Gore was overheard telling someone Wednesday, "I just don't see how he does it."

Reported by Bob Schieffer
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