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Monica: It's In The Bag

Monica Lewinsky has made something "especially for you."

The former White House intern is marketing a new line of handbags to help pay off the debts she incurred from President Clinton's impeachment scandal.

Since she started selling them through her Web site last week, Lewinsky has moved several hundred "Made especially for you by Monica" handbags, which cost between $70 and $130 each.

Lewinsky first started making handbags last year, when she stayed in, trying to avoid the news media.

"I went back to something I did in high school, which was designing and sewing," she said in a phone interview Wednesday with The Associated Press. "It's been nourishing for me emotionally to work with colors and different fabrics."

A dollar from each bag will go toward various charities, and the profits will go toward paying off her debts, Lewinsky said.

The new business has been a family affair Lewinsky's stepmother taught her to knit, her mother put her in touch with the fashion industry and her brother helped set up the Web site.

"This will be one of the first steps to where my future goes. I want it to be successful," she said.

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