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Money, Money Everywhere — And Not A Dime For Coffee

In 1952, an award-winning photograph of Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson showed him with a hole in the sole of his shoe -- an image that became memorable for countering the characterization of Stevenson as a well-to-do intellectual. Decades later, affluent Republican candidate Mitt Romney has had a similar moment, though it may not resonate quite as much.
According to the Associated Press, Romney was campaigning in Dewitt, Iowa, when he and the town's mayor stopped off for a cup of coffee at a local restaurant. He then ordered a vanilla steamer and offered to pick up the mayor's order, too. Until, that is, he realized he wasn't carrying his wallet and had only $3 on him. Romney ended up having to borrow some cash from an aide.

The irony, of course, is that Romney's net worth is around $200 million, if not more, and his campaign has raised over $60 million, $10 million of which was his own money. But all that's worth very little if you forget to stop by the ATM before heading out on the trail.