Money Can Buy You Love!

Actor Paul Walker smiles during the National Geographic Channel panel for "Second Annual Expedition Week" at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena, Calif. on Wednesday, July 29, 2008.
AP Photo/Matt Sayles
This week in The Early Show special series, "Meet Your Mate," we've been looking at the different ways singles are getting together. Friday, CBS News Correspondent Tracy Smith found some evidence that money really can buy you love.

It's a little something we like to call dating for dollars: a growing number of singles with more money than time are turning to professional matchmakers, in a sense, love brokers who will set them up with the perfect partner for a price.

When it comes to recruiting, the Marines could use a woman like Barbi Adler.

"I'm a love broker," she says and wherever singles meet in Chicago, she's there with a business card and a question: "Are you guys single? OK…"

Adler, a former corporate headhunter, now hunts for eligible singles to set up with people who pay for the privilege.

"Prices start at $3,000 to meet members and can go up to $25,000," she says.

But before clients get the hookup, they get the checkup.

"I do criminal background checks, says Adler. "I need to get inside their world and understand how these people live. How am I going to match someone up if I don't really understand the essence of who they are?"

It all seemed like fun. But since Adler's clients pay serious money, it was time to see a serious setup.

She chose Chicago's Marche as the place for a little rendezvous. 31 year-old Christiana showed up first.

So what was she expecting?

"I don't know!" says Christiana, "I don't care if he's this universal Pierce Brosnan or George Clooney. It wouldn't hurt, but it's not a requirement."

A few minutes later, 38-year-old John, her prospective Prince Charming, arrived.

What was he expecting?

"I don't know!" he said, noting he had no idea what she looks like.

This was John's second setup date. Adler chose Christiana, who is not a client, because she thought that if the two met, sparks would probably fly.

It was a hot date from the word go: as they settled in, Christiana kept fanning herself. Over the first few courses--the conversation flowed and so did the wine.

Before dessert, it was time for a little progress report in the champagne room.

It turns out that Christiana and John actually did hit it off: they've already made plans for date number two -- without the TV cameras, of course. In the 11 years that Selective Search has been around, they claim thousands of successful hookups.