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Moms Tell Jackson Jury Their Story

The mother of Michael Jackson's teen accuser could take the stand as soon as Tuesday in Jackson's molestation case.

The testimony would follow that of a mother whose son received millions from the singer in a lawsuit more than a decade ago. Monday, she told jurors Monday that Jackson pleaded with her to allow her son to sleep with him during visits to his Neverland ranch and on trips to Las Vegas, Florida and Europe.

The woman said that in 1993 she was treated by Jackson to trips and lavish gifts of jewelry after she agreed to let the boy sleep in Jackson's room. However, she never testified to seeing her son molested.

Her testimony set the stage for prosecutors to call the mother of the boy now accusing Jackson of molestation in a scenario that virtually duplicates the situation described by the mother Monday.

Also, a witness who surprised prosecutors with his testimony Monday morning later reversed himself.

Former Jackson publicist Bob Jones initially told the court, when asked, that he never saw the pop star lick the head of his young accuser on a flight from Paris to Los Angeles in the 1990s. But when confronted with a contradictory e-mail he wrote, Jones admitted the licking incident must have happened.

Prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss then read a proposed passage from a book Jones is writing that stated that Jackson and the boy were cooing and kissing and that Jackson licked the boy's head.

The prosecution is trying to establish a part of pattern of inappropriate behavior by Jackson.

CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen said that the reversal in testimony seems to fit into a trend within this Jackson court.

"The defense has done two things with all of these witnesses," Cohen said. "Jackson's lawyers have attacked the motives behind the stories — suggesting to jurors that these people have axes to grind against Jackson. And the defense also has focused upon inconsistencies within the stories themselves."

Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen told the court at day's end that prosecutors intended to call the current accuser's mother as early as Tuesday, after some legal matters regarding her testimony are resolved.

The woman said that after being flown to Las Vegas on resort mogul Steve Wynn's jet and treated to a weekend at the Mirage hotel, Jackson left to take her son to a performance of Cirque du Soleil but returned early and knocked on her door in a distressed state.

"He was sobbing, shaking, trembling. He said, 'You don't trust me. We're a family. Why won't you allow him to be in my bedroom?" the woman testified.

She said Jackson also told her there was "nothing going on" and again asked if she didn't trust him.

She said she finally relented and the next day Jackson gave her a gold Cartier bracelet.

The woman appeared to be the last witness in a prosecution effort to support the current molestation allegations by resurrecting past claims that never led to charges. Prosecutors are trying to build a circumstantial case by showing a pattern of behavior during Jackson's life that indicates inappropriate behavior with young boys.

The witness confirmed that her son was involved in a lawsuit against Jackson and received compensation. She was not permitted to say how much he was paid.

Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. suggested on cross-examination that Jackson countersued the family for "extortion," but the woman said she knew nothing about it and testified they never paid Jackson any money.

The woman said her son is now 25 and she hasn't spoken to him in 11 years. Asked if that was by her choice, she said no. Her son, who did not cooperate with a law enforcement investigation after receiving a multimillion-dollar settlement, has refused to testify in Jackson's current prosecution.

After the Las Vegas incident, the boy was constantly with Jackson, and the pop star even came to the family's Santa Monica home and stayed there with the boy, the mother said.

"Did Mr. Jackson ever spend nights at your residence?" asked District Attorney Tom Sneddon.

"Yes ... more than 30 times," she said.

"And where would he stay?" asked Sneddon.

"In (my son's) bedroom," she said.

She said they made trips to Disney World in Florida in May 1993 and later to Monaco, where she and her daughter went on a shopping spree funded by the star.

So close was the relationship, she said, that when she and her children flew to New York to attend a family wedding, she received word from Jackson's secretary that he would be joining them. She said he arrived after the wedding and stayed at the same hotel.

Eventually, she said, her brother raised concerns about the relationship and she too became concerned.

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