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Mom's hilarious reaction to getting Super Bowl XLVIII tickets, this week on The Feed

Mom's hilarious reaction to getting Super Bow... 02:58

This week's most popular viral videos feature a mom getting Super Bowl XLVIII tickets, Vin Diesel dancing, an arresting marriage proposal, beer on a frying pan and a battering ram fail.

First up, Fatih UZUN posted video of Turkish special forces having a bit of trouble breaking down a door.


The next clip, posted by misunderstoodnumber, shows what happens when you pour beer on a hot frying pan – a cool phenomenon known as the Leidenfrost effect.



Then, Samantha Labo posted her video of the unique way in which her fiancé chose to pop the question, involving a fake arrest courtesy of the New London Police.



Mike Harris surprises his mom – a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan since 1976 – with tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII, and her reaction is priceless.



Rounding out the week's viral videos, movie star Vin Diesel dances for seven-and-a-half minutes and posts it on his Facebook account with the caption “You know I love music...”


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