Moms Get "Scoop" on Girls' Health

Seven mothers sat down to discuss the puberty and sex education of their daughters on The Early Show with CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton.
Based on the main theme of her new book, "The Body Scoop for Girls," CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton sat down with seven teens from the New York area to discuss their health and how to better take care of their own bodies. Topics ranged from breast cancer to puberty and sex education. Their discussion aired on "The Early Show" Wednesday.

Then on Thursday's broadcast, Ashton spoke to the mothers of those teens to hear their reactions to what their daughters said, and offered advice she said she thinks all mothers need to know.

Ashton's "Body Scoop for Girls"
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Empowering Teen Girls on Sex, More

To watch these moms' responses to their daughters' discussion, click on the video below.

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