Mom's Best Friends

Having a baby changes everything from your lifestyle to the company you keep. Tricia O'Brien, Features Editor of American Baby Magazine, discusses the five friends every mom should have, and why.

Every new mom needs a role model. This can be anyone from a relative to a new friend. "This is the one who has the mommy miles under her belt," says O'Brien. "She's the one you can turn to with any question - no question is to absurd." These consultations can be about anything - from clothing choices to infant acne - and the role model mom won't bat an eye.

Another great friend to have is a "twin". This is a mom who has a child the same age as your child. "You can talk about everything," says O'Brien. "You can share all those tiny little details that might bore someone else." When your child cuts their first tooth, your "twin" will want to hear about it for hours.

When the struggles of new motherhood are weighing heavily on your shoulders, every mom needs a spontaneous buddy to turn to. This mom is willing to drop what she's doing and meet you for coffee to chat, and most importantly, make you laugh. This mom-buddy may be a complete personality opposite, but that's okay; the important thing is that you have fun together and don't need to make plans a week ahead of time.

While almost every mother tries to be a "perfect" mom, it's important to have a friend who's a rule breaker as well. "This is the person who... let her child watch TV until late at night," says O'Brien. Maybe this mom lets her kids have ice cream sundaes for lunch every once in a while. Rule breaker moms will make you think outside of the box and help you realize that it's okay to let your hair down every once in a while.

Every mom needs a best friend, but what about a best friend who you met through your children? As your kids get a little older, they'll form their own relationships with their peers, and you, by association, will meet other moms as well. At first, your relationship will be based on your children's relationship, but soon you'll realize that you have a lot in common. Before you know it, you'll have a new friend.

Worried about approaching new people to expand your circle of friends? "Go out there and see who you really click with," says O'Brien. "You're going to click with somebody, and it doesn't have to be everybody. If there's just one person, then that's great."

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By Erin Petrun