Moments of silence, memorials for Sandy Hook victims one week after shooting

A view of the Newtown Meetinghouse and Trinity Episcopal Church as Main Street's flag flies at half-staff on December 18, 2012 in Newtown, Conn.

(CBS News) Memorials and funeral processions continue to jam the small streets of Newtown, Conn., today, which marks one week since the Dec. 14 shooting rampage at Sandy Hook elementary on Friday. Last night, the family of Sandy Hook first-grader Emilie Parker, who was killed in the shooting, held a memorial near the Utah town where she was born.

At the memorial, her father Robbie Parker said, "Even though this was very personal, I started to realize how this touched everybody, everywhere."

And as people across the country join in their mourning, mayors and governors across the U.S. have called for a moment of silence Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. ET, to mark the week of mourning, and organizers on Twitter and Facebook have called for a virtual moment of silence at the same time, asking for a pause on tweets or posts for five minutes.

The local post office has been inundated with expressions of sympathy from around the world. "We're getting cards, we're getting letters, packages ... something that they want to provide to the family for comfort," Newtown postal worker Christine Dugas told CBS News' Seth Doane.

The Newtown post office is receiving thousands of piece of mail daily, "from as far away as England, Siciliy, Australia, and every part of this country," Dugas said.

Others are taking to the Internet to share their thoughts with families in Newtown, using sites like Evergram, where users are uploading video messages and notes.

To share you thoughts and condolences with the town of Newtown and the families of the victims, record or write a message here.