Mom of shooting victim recounts fear at killer's escape

Ohio prison break brings back painful memorie... 02:16

An investigation is under way into how three inmates escaped Thursday from a state prison in Lima, Ohio. One of them is a teenager convicted in a deadly school shooting. All have been recaptured.

Daniel Parmertor, 16, was one of two students killed in the shooting at Cardon High School Monday. According to the AP, he was shot while waiting for the bus for his daily 15-minute ride to a vocational center. CBS/WOIO

The three prisoners were in the exercise yard when they climbed over the fence.

T.J. Lane was captured six hours later. He was hiding near a church just 100 yards away.

Dina Parmertor's son Daniel was killed by Lane at Chardon High School in 2012.

"I'm like 'what'? I really, really could not believe it," she said, describing her reaction to Lane's escape. "I really kind of got a panic attack. Being a mother I thought he's coming here, he's going to try to take care of the rest of my family now. That's what I thought."

Dina Parmertor CBS News

The Allen Correctional Facility near Lima, Ohio is described as a medium security prison. A union representative says guards learned an escape was being planned. Despite warnings, security was not increased.

T.J. Lane is serving three consecutive life sentences for killing three students and wounding three others. He smirked and wore a shirt with "killer" written on it at his sentencing.

"Danny's birthday was just Tuesday Sept 9," Parmetor said. "19 years ago that was one of the happiest days of my life now it's one of the most painful.

"He was so bright and he could have done so many things and all that's lost. It's so hurtful. It's not going to go away. That's my son."

Officials at Chardon High Schools decided that it would be best to cancel classes for the day. T.J. Lane has been moved to Ohio's maximum security prison.