Mom Cindy Schwalb Faces Jail for Cursing Principal

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HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N.J. (CBS/AP) Cindy Schwalb gave the principal of her 13-year-old daughter's school a piece of her mind, cursing him out at an anti-bullying forum. Schwalb blasted principal Edward Boclair for not doing enough about students pulling down others' pants; her daughter had been a victim.

Now, for her outburst, the New Jersey mom could get 90 days in jail, according to The Bergen Record.

Photo:Cindy Schwalb, charged with disorderly conduct for cursing at her daughter's principal.

Schwalb's daughter was a target of the "pantsing" patrol in September of 2009. On Wednesday, Jan. 13, she found herself before a judge pleading "not guilty" to disorderly conduct charges, for cussing out the principal in public.

Hasbrouck Heights School District officials say they're taking the unusual step of prosecuting her to show that people can't get away with calling principals vulgar names.

Schwalb has said she regrets her outburst. A Facebook group was created called, "Support Cindy Schwalb." It reads, "Let's get the message out that this is NOT okay. Help support Cindy Schwalb and her thirteen year old daughter."

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