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Modems That Can Handle Call Waiting

Telephone companies have done a lot of business installing extra phone lines so people don't miss calls when their online. Now, a company called Actiontec has come out with a new line of modems that can help you avoid that added expense. Actiontec's Lesley Kirchman....

"Actually, there's three new modems and they're called Call Waiting Modems. And what they allow users to do now is they allow a user to receive a phone call while they're online and maintain the Internet connection. That means that you can actually talk to somebody on the phone and still be connected to the Internet."
But you can't talk for long. Just long enough to decide if you want to take the call, or perhaps, say you'll call back later....

"Right now you've got approximately seven seconds...depending upon the ISP... to speak to that person. Then you hang up and then you can resume your connection online doing whatever you were doing."
Actiontec makes internal, external and USB versions of the Call Waiting Modem. Prices start at under a hundred dollars. If it saves you the price of a second phone line, it's worth it. There are other features too, like voice mail...

"Which means that you can set up a small voice mail system using the modem and the software included. They also do all your standard faxing and receiving of faxes."
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