Models take turns falling on the runway (VIDEO)

(CBS/Reuters) Oh the humanity!

Models took turns taking nasty spills on the runway at a fashion event hosted by supermodel Naomi Campbell in Cannes, France.

The models took their falls in stride - showing their good humor with unexpected fist pumps and dance moves.

Unfortunately, their attempt at playing it off caused a couple of them to tumble again. Jeez, get it together!

The missteps were met with cheers of support from the crowd - after all, the event was in the name of Campbell's charity, Fashion for Relief, and who can get mad at that?

Oh yeah, Naomi Campbell has a history of being in court for temper tantrums and employee beat downs. Hope those models got out of there.

But, hey, the end of the show got a standing ovation and the proceeds will benefit the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami.