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Mob Sweep Nets 30 Alleged Wiseguys In R.I.

Rhode Island authorities investigating organized crime have arrested 30 people, including a man sent to prison for the 1973 shooting death of a Boston detective.

The State Police said the 30 people arrested Tuesday morning face charges including racketeering, extortion, drug dealing and illegal firearms.

About two dozen people were arrested in November in the ongoing State Police investigation into organized crime.

Among those newly arrested is 53-year-old Terrell Walker of Boston. He served an 18- to 20-year prison sentence for manslaughter in the shooting death of police Detective John Schroeder.

Authorities say Walker was caught trying to arrange for a cocaine delivery. It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

Police say Walker got caught up in their investigation because of his association with Donald St. Germain.

Last year, Police put wiretaps on telephones used by St. Germain, 54, after learning that he was allegedly involved in organized crime, including bookmaking and narcotics distribution, according to a press release from the Rhode Island State Police.

In addition to the wiretaps, an undercover State Trooper infiltrated St. Germain's alleged crime organization. The undercover officer negotiated numerous narcotics transactions, gambling wagers and the purchase of .25-caliber semi-automatic handgun, the press release says.

In January, based on information gathered from the wiretaps on St. Germain's phones, authorities got another warrant to tap two telephones belonging to Adolf, "George" Eunis, 67. Those taps allowed authorities to gather incriminating information on Eunis, which showed that he was helping finance St. Germain's illegal activities.

The wiretaps also revealed that Eunis was involved in bookmaking activities. Eunis, according to the release, is "well known to members of law enforcement as being a close associate to the Patriarca Crime Family."

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