MJ Tributes, From Pop Icons To Global Fans

Madonna gave the "King of Pop" a royal tribute at her London concert.
From the London arena where Michael Jackson was set to perform, the "Queen of Pop" gave the "King of Pop" a royal tribute, reports CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes

"Let's give it up for Michael Jackson - the greatest performer," said Madonna. "Long live the king!"

Back in the States, Beyonce honored him in her signature style.

Jackson's worldwide appeal is undeniable and many of his international fans have traveled all the way to his Neverland ranch in California - even though he hasn't live here in years.

"He was a global icon," said British fan Corinne Zarko. "Great singer, dancer, great all-around performer. He was a whole package."

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Jackson was a citizen of the world and the world keeps coming to pay tribute.

Fraida Kahn is from Iran and stopped in Los Angeles just to see Jackson's star on Hollywood Boulevard.

"I just came and I just want to see him, that's all I'm gonna do," Kahn said.

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The Capriales family from Bolivia diverted from a trip to San Diego.

"We try to come here to Hollywood to see the star and to understand what happened, you know?" Marco Capriales said.

Brazilian reporter Adriana Arujo says this is the biggest story on the planet.

"Usually I cover politics, economic news, not celebrities," Arujo said.

The death of this international mega-star jet-propelled him back to the top of the charts all over the world.

So coming to Jackson's parents' home in Encino was a no-brainer for some Canadians, who wrangled a picture with him in Montreal. Their pilgrimage took them first to Jackson's Gary, Indiana birthplace.

"I also learned English because of him," said Julie Boisvert of Canada. "I translated fifty songs of him to know what he was saying."

Back at Neverland a media tour this week revealed it's become a ghost of what it was when Jackson lived here when the place was filled with amusement park rides and kids

The current owner of Neverland tells CBS News recently he's been fixing up the property and that Jackson was slowly warming up to the idea of moving back here. But now, he says, he has no plans to turn Neverland into a Graceland-type tourist attraction that will keep the people coming.