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Missoni madness: Where you can still buy items

High-end designer Missoni's fashions were retail's hottest items this week at Target stores and on, with most selling out in less than a day.

Customers are still on the prowl for them, though, and many can still be found on eBbay but, as consumer expert Regina Lewis reported on "The Early Show" Friday, Missoni isn't planning to restock with Target. This, she said, was a one-time deal.

Missoni craze crashes Target's website

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Why won't the stock keep flowing?

"Early Show" Contributor Katrina Szish said the high-end Italian designer doesn't really need the money from the sales, but the one-time buzz and new group of fans will feed a demand fueling the future of the brand.

So, aren't fans cut off if they want more, since Missoni products are regularly upwards of $1,000?

Szish said interest in the brand will continue, noting, "The fashion phenomenon of the limited edition keeps going."

Lewis added products are still available, saying, "There are still 50,000 Missoni items on eBbay right now. If you head to the suburbs, go deep, go rural if you can. (It's) spotty selection, but it's still there."

Pictures: Missoni for Target

The Italian designer isn't the only big-name fashion house to team up with major retailers to create chic clothes at lower prices. Simply Vera, by Vera Wang, at Kohl's, and Karl Lagerfeld's line for Macy's are just some of the lines that are reaching out to the mass consumer base. Target, however, apparently has a hold on the limited edition designer merchandise.

Lewis said the interest for high-end designers and customers to meet is mutual. She said, "I think a lot of designers really want to reach the masses. We are never able to buy their flagship or couture lines, but to have a piece of that, even Karl Laugerfeld has said that, he wants to do that."

Szish said of Lagerfeld's line at Macy's, "The prices start at $99, which is unheard of. I said (to Lagerfeld recently), 'Are you worried about diluting the brand?' He said, 'Not at all. This is an honor for me,' but it comes down to the dollars."

So who is the next designer Target will pick up?

Lewis said, "I spoke to Target, they said absolutely (they'll feature another designer), but they would not reveal the next designer, but they do plan on it. But if you want to get in on it, friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, sign up for their emails because first-mover advantage in the game where minutes matter can be really helpful."

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