Missing Nurse, Phuong Le, Found Dead After Missing 2 Weeks

Phuong Le (Personal Photo)

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (CBS/AP) Phuong Le was just days from her 25th birthday and had recently graduated from the nursing program at Solano College when she went missing April 25 outside a local Barnes and Noble in Fairfield, Calif.

PICTURES: Phuong Le Found Dead

California police now say that they have identified remains found along a rural road in Napa County by a woman walking her dog as those of the missing woman.

Fairfield police Lt. Darrin Moody said Tuesday that investigators used fingerprints to identify the body and said no suspects have been identified but that they are classifying the death as a homicide.

PICTURES: Phuong Le Found Dead

A week after Le went missing, police searched the home and business of her former employer, who was reportedly the last person to speak with her before her disappearance. Police confirmed that Le and her former boss, Tchu Nguyen, had been in a relationship, but dismissed rumors Le was pregnant, according to CBS affiliate WFOR.

Police in Pennsylvania detained a man May 3 in connection with harassing text messages that were sent to Le's brother, Huong, claiming to know where she was. Police say that the man, who was not identified, said he got the number off the family's Facebook page and began sending the texts May 2.

The man apparently told police he saw everything on the news and was just playing around.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation helped local authorities with the autopsy, but the cause of death was not released because authorities don't want to compromise the investigation.