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Missing cobra tweeting away!

The search is still on for the deadly Egyptian cobra who mysteriously disappeared from her holding pen at New York's renowned Bronx Zoo Friday.

The venomous snake has made headlines from coast-to-coast, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller, even inspiring Twitter posts, supposedly from the AWOL cobra "herself," telling of her escapades in the urban jungle.

One such tweet: "Leaving Wall Street. These guys make my skin crawl."

To see many more tweets, click here.

The hash tag is #snakeonthetown.

Since her disappearance on Friday, the Bronx Zoo's Reptile House has been on lockdown -- zoo-keepers say it's "out of an abundance of caution."

They say they're pretty confident the teenage cobra is still in there, hiding out some place, which Miller notes wouldn't be too difficult, considering she's only about 20 inches long and roughly the diameter of a pen.

On "The Early Show" Tuesday, CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor offered an update:

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