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Miss Beazley, George W. Bush's dog, dies

Miss Beazley, one of former President George W. Bush's Scottish terriers, died after wrestling with lymphoma, Mr. Bush announced Saturday.

"This weekend our beloved dog, Miss Beazley, was put to rest after a battle with lymphoma," the former president said in a statement. "She was a source of joy during our time in Washington and in Dallas."

"She was a close companion to her blood relative, Barney," Mr. Bush added. "And even though he received all the attention, Beazley never held a grudge against him. She was a guardian to our cats, Bob and Bernadette, who - like Laura and I - will miss her."

The two terriers were regular fixtures in the West Wing during Mr. Bush's presidency, and Barney has since achieved some fame in his own right as the subject of one of Mr. Bush's oil paintings.