Mischievous cat gets caught sneaking into drawer

(CBS News) The Internet was invented by famed computer scientist Al Gore for the purpose of watching funny cat videos on YouTube while procrastinating at work. Everybody knows that. That's why videos like this one above get nearly 3 million views in less than a week. Check it out.

Pop quiz, hotshot, can you tell me what else the World Wide Web is used for? Go watch a few more of our feline friends getting themselves into some sticky situations on Ignoramusky's YouTube page before the test on your knowledge of the Internet begins.

Okay, pencils down, and I hope everyone remembered to use a #2. Please pass your Scantrons to the front of the class. How did everyone do? All right, confession time... That was a trick question. There are no other uses for the Internet. At least I can't think of any. I just keep watching this video over and over again to see the guilty look on that cat's face. Thank you Mr. Gore, you are a true American hero.