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Miracle: "Kangaroo Care Method" Saves Preemie

A family in Australia is rejoicing thanks to a treatment known coincidentally as the "Kangaroo Care Method."

Kate Ogg gave birth to premature twins, only to be told that her son, Jamie, had no vital signs.

Instead of giving up, she put the baby in position against her chest and, miraculously, he started stirring minutes later and, after two hours, he opened his eyes.

Five months later, both twins are doing fine, their parents say.

CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth told the story of the Miracle Down Under on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning":

Also on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," Dr. Karen Hendricks Munoz, Chief of Neonatology at New York University Medical Center. explained to co-anchor Rebecca Jarvis how the "Kangaroo Care Method" works:

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