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"Miracle" Cat Survives Stabbing

A feline named Hershey is being called a "miracle" cat after he survived three stab wounds from a fudge knife when his owners' Virginia Beach home was burglarized last week.

Brittani Ciccone found the bloody, 10-year-old Persian cat. She said on "The Early Show" Tuesday, she didn't know the animal had been stabbed because the thieves had broken off the knife's handle.

She said she only saw a metal piece sticking out from his body, and didn't know what it was.

"I was pretty freaked," she said.

Joe Ciccone said he believes four men broke into their home.

"They ransacked (our house), tore it up," he said. "They stole everything we had."

Joe, a fudge maker, said it was one of his specialty knives they used to stab Hershey.

When veterinarians performed an X-ray on Hershey, Joe said, they found a blade still embedded in his back, shoved all the way through his body.

Hershey spent five days in intensive care, but survived -- with eight lives left. Hershey's doctor called the cat a "miracle."

Hershey still has two tubes attached for drainage, as his body mends. The Ciccones said Hershey has started eating again and his personality has returned.