Minnesota woman confronts and exposes cat-callers


Here's a warning to cat-callers: a Minneapolis woman is fed up and firing back. Lindsey, who requested CBS News not disclose her last name, uses technology as part of her take-down, leaving some men speechless, CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz reports.

"Love the dress," said one cat-caller whom 28-year-old Lindsey recorded.

"You know, I just finished telling that guy, women don't like to be talked at by strangers," she responded.

For Lindsey, hearing catcalls is nothing new, but now she is exposing her alleged harassers.

"Women were put on this earth to satisfy a man, so if she feels offended she should've never been born," another cat-caller said.

"Oh my God!" Lindsey responded.

She created a website which has already posted more than a dozen videos of her street side confrontations.

"Minnesota chicks are hot," Lindsey recorded another man said to a friend.

"Did you just say Minnesota chicks are hot?" she responded. She captured that man wearing a wedding ring.

"When women are walking down the street, they're not thinking, 'Gee, I really give a s*&t what strangers think about my appearance,'" Lindsey told the ring-bearing man.

"Really?" he responded.

"Yeah really, they just want to get to and fro," she said.

"I would argue with that," he said.

Whether it's offensive comments or whistles, women have long been the recipients of unwanted attention.

A study last year found that nearly two-thirds of females experienced street harassment. About 41 percent of those said the harassment became physical.

"I think she is trying to send the message: 'Think before you speak,'" said certified sex therapist Sari Cooper. "Think about the fact that this might actually be experienced as dangerous to somebody. Think about whether a woman wants her personal space to be entered."

As for those who mess with Lindsey, they won't go away empty handed. She's distributed dozens of business cards with loaded taglines like "don't be that guy." Her hope is other women will download the cards and hand out justice, one cat-caller at a time.