Miniskirt Rules For Any Age

The miniskirt is making a major comeback, but how do you wear it without looking like a tart?

Contributor Christy Ferer visited The Early Show Friday to give some mini styling tips for all ages.

Ferer says the miniskirt madness started in the 1960s. Everyone wanted to look like Twiggy and most did — from Hollywood to the suburbs.

Since then, the mini has had more lives than fashion pundits can count. So, guess what? It's back! Flirty pleated skirts to mere wisps of fabric, tarted up the catwalk shows for spring and summer. Now minis are dangling from store racks.

Women of all ages are buying miniskirts — from casual (linen and twill), to more dressy fabrications. The miniskirt is even starting to show up in active wear for summer. And of course, there are lots of styles in denim, especially cargo and vintage washes.

But translating a trend from the runway to real life wear can be tough, especially when wearing the revealing mini.

To wear a miniskirt, Ferer suggests to keep in mind the following:

  • You must have good legs to pull off a mini! So, she says, be realistic. Look in the mirror. If your legs are not your best assets, don't wear one.
  • Consider wearing wraps, kilts, pleats and dark colors to minimize the tight mini look for the office wear and for older women.
  • Utilize varying degrees of cover-up. Bare legs are the most racy, says Ferer. And fishnet hosieries are a good compromise between bare leg and stockings. For women over 50, opaque is the best color stocking to go with miniskirts.
That said, Ferer demonstrated on The Early Show a few outfits to go with miniskirts for various ages. They are:

Miniskirts for Women in Their 20s

Joie Denim Miniskirt, $115
Michael Stars tank-top, $37
Juicy Hoodie / cover up, $80
Sigerson Morrison thong sandal, $85
Stripped ribbon handbag, $330

Ferer says this is the age to take the mini to an extreme. The legs can be bare and the top you pair the mini with can even show some skin with an open neck or sleeveless. To go with the outfit, she recommends strappy high heels or a wedge sandal.

Miniskirts for Women in Their 30s

DKNY pleated mini skirt, $168
DKNY canvas pea coat, $248
DKNY t-shirt, $58
Kate Spade flower sandal, $235
Gucci sunglasses, $220

Ferer says the 60s style A-line mini is a little easier to wear, and it's not as fitted as the miniskirt you'd get away with in your 20s. She also says it's still ok to show bare legs with the skirt. But, a woman should have a little more coverage on top, maybe a sweater set. For the feet, wear small heel to "pump up" the calves and give your leg definition, she says,

Miniskirts for Women in Their 40s

Kors by Michael Kors mini-embroidered skirt, $210
Kors by Michael Kors short sleeved shell, $110
Isaac flip flop, $180
Kate Spade straw handbag, $225

Drop the length of the skirt down to below mid-thigh, recommends Ferer for this age group. She says women should go for the casual summer look because it is more acceptable to wear for a woman in her 40s and would fly at the pool with the kids. Flat sandals would go perfectly with this set, she says.

Miniskirts for Women in Their 50s

TSE navy mini, $485
TSE shell, $325
TSE blazer, $325
Atelier Mercadal pumps, $185

Miniskirts that work best at 50 have more of a conservative and career look, says Ferer. At this age, women should wear skirts a couple of inches above the knee, and accompanied with sheer stocking. The skirt should be worn with a jacket or oxford. And for shoes, says Ferer, pumps are recommended.

As the late Bill Blass said: "The legs are the last to go." So, Ferer says, don't be afraid to show them!