"Miniature" Golf Prodigy

As a rule, first graders are pretty cute.

So Brett Sodetz blends right in. But after school he's in a class all by himself.

In a kid's tournament with 1,200 competitors, he won world's best in the age 6 and under category - finishing seven under par. And that makes 34 tournament victories for the youngster, reports CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes.

He may not have his two front teeth, but he already has his own coach.

"He's the best in the country. I guess the best in the world," said Brett's Coach, Trevor Derrhein.

He started swinging very young - getting a gift of plastic clubs when he was only 18 months old.

"We didn't buy the clubs with the idea that he would start golf that young," said Steve Sodetz. "That was just strictly more of a toy. But once we saw him swing the clubs ..."

"Like wow!!! He can really swing," said Nancy Sodetz.

Three years ago the family left Chicago for the Nevada desert, in part so that their golf prodigy could play year round.

How many days a week does he play? "Maybe, like, eight days a week," Brett said.

Pretty close - he plays with his dad most days and often wins.

He drives the ball 150 yards - sometimes more.

What does Brett want to do when he grows up? "I don't know. Be a pro golfer."

And who would be the pro golfer he aspires to be like? "Tiger Woods" said Brett, "Tiger Woods."

Mighty big aspirations - or maybe not.

Putting is Brett's favorite thing to do. "And why is that?" asked Hughes.

"I don't know it's just fun," Brett said.

"Cuz you're good at it?" Hughes asked.

"Yea," laughed Brett.

And who knows. With Tiger injured and off the tour, Brett Sodetz could be just what golf fans need - if they can just wait.