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Miller Time At Second Cup Cafe

On CBS News Saturday Morning's Second Cup Café, singers and songwriters Buddy and Julie Miller performed together although they actually have separate careers.

CBS News Saturday Morning Co-Anchor Russ Mitchell found out about their different styles.

Buddy Miller's new CD is called Cruel Moon and Julie Miller's is Broken Things.

Explains Julie Miller: "His music is very country, but I consider myself acoustic rock."

She is known for her emotional lyrics. He was just named Nashville Music Awards 1999 Guitarist of the Year.

You've probably heard one of their songs because groups like the Dixie Chicks and Brooks & Dunn are turning Miller tunes into hit records.

They make records in the home they share with 10 cats. And they still sing to each other even after 18 years of marriage.

For more on their new albums, go to or go to Buddy and Julie Miller's Web site.

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