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Miley Cyrus suffers wardrobe malfunction at MTV VMAs

Host Miley Cyrus suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Or rather, she had one -- it's not certain she "suffered" at all.

The former Disney star-turned-wild-child changed into a wide variety of outrageous costumes, but viewers talked most about when she wasn't wearing anything at all.

The camera turned on a topless Cyrus as she changed behind a curtain and looked up.

"What's happening? Oh, sorry... my t**'s out?" she asked as the camera cut away.

It is not the first time the pop star has shown her breast in public -- she has posed nude before for magazines and on social media.

Twitter users reacted, bragging about how they had just seen Cyrus' breast. It wasn't the only shocking moment Cyrus pulled off during the show; she also took a selfie with several people in the audience and told them to yell, "Marijuana!" and opened her new song "Dooo It" with the line "Yeah, I smoke pot."

But of everyone laughing at the wardrobe snafu, Cyrus is probably laughing the hardest -- definitely at least all the way to the bank. The singer announced her new album at the VMAs, "Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz," available for free on her website.

Cyrus made no mention of her exposed breast on Twitter, instead bragging that her site had crashed post-VMAs.

MTV said it would edit out the wardrobe malfunction in future broadcasts.

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Miley Cyrus exposed her breast on air at the MTV VMAs. MTV

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