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Miley Cyrus confirms marriage to Liam Hemsworth

After days of speculation, Miley Cyrus on Wednesday confirmed her marriage to Liam Hemsworth by posting photos from their wedding with the captions "12.23.18" and "10 years later."  Cyrus, 26, wore a  Vivienne Westwood gown in the black-and-white photos, Entertainment Tonight reports

Rumors swirled around the couple after a friend, surfer Conrad Jack Carr, posted photos and videos on his Instagram page. One clip featured Hemsworth, 28, his brothers and their father doing "shotski," while massive balloons that spelled "Mr" and "Mrs" decorated the background. 

Carr also posted a photo showing the couple holding hands to cut a cake and talking to Cyrus' mother, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Cyrus and Hemsworth met while filming 2010's "The Last Song." They were first engaged in 2012, but then split. They reconnected in 2016. 

Nicholas Spark, the author of the book "The Last Song," posted a note of congratulations to the couple, writing "this makes me so happy."

Earlier this month, Cyrus told Howard Stern that Hemsworth is her "survival partner." 

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