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Miley Cyrus Denies Pregnancy Rumors

For the last time, Hannah Montana says she is not pregnant!

For more than a week, Disney channel Miley Cyrus, who is 14, has been denying a pregnancy rumor that has been swirling on the Internet.

Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter told "E! News" at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Party that the rumors are stupid and probably started by someone seeking attention.

"Now I get to stand my ground and say, hey, I don't really believe in that and I think it's not cool," she said, "I think it's better to wait for marriage and that's me here saying that. I'm not doing anything like that."

Despite her setbacks, Miley, wearing her mothers' LaRok dress, was still able to make Us Weekly's Best Dressed List. She told that her key to overcoming the rumors was to "stay positive."

"My Dad always says you can't live a positive life with a negative mind," she told Us. "Always be positive."

The pregnancy rumor can be traced back to a false item J-14 magazine's July issue. It was picked up by gossip sites that, in the wake of "High School Musical's" Vanessa Hudgens' nude photos, were eager to dish on another squeaky-clean Disney star gone wrong.

The two starlets, both recovering from their respective scandals, stuck by each others' side at the Hot Hollywood party, according to At least Cyrus can say hers was fake.

"All I know is it started with the Internet," she told E! News.

Now everything is back to normal in Hannah Montana's world and young Miley is planning her concert tour. She told that it's difficult for her to balance her family, boyfriend, TV show and school, but her key to success is staying grounded -- even through nasty rumors.

"I am not a proud person ... but ... I haven't changed at all," she said. "And I take real pride in that."

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