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Mike Wallace grills Donald Trump on his political ambitions in 1985

Mike Wallace grills Donald Trump in 1985
Mike Wallace grills Donald Trump in 1985 00:56

The new documentary "Mike Wallace Is Here" highlights some of the legendary newsman's most memorable TV moments — including a 1985 interview with a then-39-year-old Donald Trump on "60 Minutes." Wallace asked the young real estate tycoon about his plans for the future, and while Mr. Trump shot down the idea of going into politics, there were some definite hints about his view of the world and the ambitions that would eventually lead him to the White House.

"There are a lot of things to do," Mr. Trump said. "You know, a fertile imagination and a fertile mind, Mike, it's really amazing what can be thought of."

"Politics?" Wallace interjected.

"No, not politics," Mr. Trump said.

"You said you could do a better job at negotiating an arms control agreement with the Soviets than some of these professionals who have trying to do it for years," Wallace said. 

"I didn't say me, Mike, I said somebody has to do it," Mr. Trump said. "If it were me, that would be fine, I could do it. Somebody has to help this country and if they don't, the country and the world are in big trouble because within a short period of time, as sure as we're sitting here, there's not going to be a country and there's not going to be a world." 

"Mike Wallace Is Here" opens Friday, July 26 in theaters nationwide. Watch a clip in the player above. 

In the video below, CBS "Sunday Morning" has more on Wallace's impact — and why the director of the new film says "Mike Wallace is here" were "the four most-dreaded words in the English language back then." 

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