Mike Tyson: Attraction to Robin Givens was "probably sex"

(CBS News) In an extended interview with "CBS This Morning," former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson opened up about his life as expressed in his Spike Lee-directed one man Broadway show, "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth."

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Tyson is heavily critical of actress and model - and former Mrs. Tyson - Robin Givens, in the show. When asked about how he feels about the way she is portrayed, Tyson said, "It's nothing personal. It's just me telling my life and my life from my perspective. She's told her story from her perspective. She went to all these great schools. It's not like she went to some welfare community center in the hood saying, 'Mike Tyson did this.' She went to the all up-and-coming erudites (sic) of society. These are our future leaders and talking about when I walk down the street, 'Oh, my gosh, that dreadful person right there.' This is not good stuff. Man, she did symposiums, going to colleges across the country."

Asked what the attraction was in their relationship, Tyson said, "I don't know. Probably sex."

For more with Tyson and to watch Lee's reaction to Tyson, watch the video above for the extended "CTM" interview.