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Mike Bloomberg has spent $275 million on anti-Trump ads

Bloomberg to spend big against Trump
Mike Bloomberg to launch spending campaign aimed at beating Trump 04:29

A week after Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race, his campaign announced it has spent $275 million on advertising targeting President Trump. Bloomberg made no secret of the fact that defeating Mr. Trump in November was the defining goal of his half-billion-dollar presidential campaign, and would remain so through Election Day. Last Wednesday, he told staff and supporters, "I entered the race for president to defeat Donald Trump. Today, I am leaving the race for the same reason, to defeat Donald Trump."

On Wednesday, his campaign released some of the staggering figures from his anti-Trump spending. Bloomberg spent $175 million of his personal wealth for 31 different TV spots in local markets which included all battleground states, his campaign said. Bloomberg's campaign also spent $49.6 million in digital anti-Trump ads.  The campaign said these ads received almost 3 trillion impressions on just YouTube and Facebook.

By comparison, the campaign for President Trump and other groups that support him spent over $34 million in paid media nationally before Bloomberg entered the race, according to Advertising Analytics. This includes $30 million in digital ad spending and $3.1 in television ads.

Bloomberg's campaign also reported it had spent $671,664 in what it calls out-of-home advertising.  This includes the billboards placed in the Las Vegas Strip and in Phoenix, first reported by CBS News, that the Bloomberg campaign put up to troll Mr. Trump in February during his travels in the West.

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