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Migrants march towards Turkey's border with Greece

Twenty-two migrants, including four children, drowned when their wooden boat sank along the heavily-traveled waters between Turkey and Greece
More deaths at sea for desperate migrants 02:13

SERBIA-- European nations could not agree on a solution to the migrant crisis. Thousands are desperate to leave the Middle East. Again Tuesday, a refugee boat sank, drowning 22, four of them children.

Hungary declared a state of emergency on Tuesday as it began cracking down on migrants with tough new immigration laws and border controls. It left hundreds stranded at the border with Serbia.

They set out early in the morning. Hundreds of Syrians marching towards Turkey's border with Greece.

Louay fled Damascus last year for the safety of Turkey, but told CBS News he can't earn enough money here to survive.

"Everyone of us is going to try and try and try to go and have the life we deserve. I'm a human," he said.

Fencing goes up to stop migrants from entering Hungary 02:28

Nearly everyone CBS News spoke to said they wanted to reach Germany -- where they've heard that Syrian refugees are welcome.

But they don't want to risk their lives crossing to Europe on a flimsy raft.

The image of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned when his boat capsized, has woken up Europe to the refugee crisis, but also frightened many other Syrians planning the same dangerous journey.

Just 15 miles from the border, another group of refugees were surrounded by Turkish police who would let them go no further.

As hundreds more arrived, the Turkish police blocked the highway.

But Fatima Ahmet Lasin, who fled Syria last month with her four children, told CBS News desperation has made them determined.

We'll stay here as long as it takes, she told CBS News. Until they let her cross the border.

CBS News has been told there are more Syrians trying to make their way to Turkey tonight. It is not just an attempt to cross the border into Greece, but a protest against Europe's reluctance to accept refugees.

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