"Midnight Mammograms"

We hear so much about breast cancer and the importance of mammograms that I was shocked to learn that since the year 2000, the number of mammograms have actually declined among those women who are supposed to have them!

In fact, some places have gotten really creative to get women in the door. Kelly Cobiella reports on a testing center in Orlando, Fla., that is hosting mammogram parties complete with manicures, wine and munchies... and it's working!

Dr. Emily Senay reminded us all this morning that women over 40 should have their mammogram once a year. We came up with the idea that even if you're not lucky enough to attend a party while doing so, you can certainly treat yourself! So the next time you schedule your mamogram, why not book yourself a nice relaxing massage the same day or at least have your nails done -- anything to remind yourself that you are a strong, beautiful woman who takes care of herself in every way!