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Microwaves really ruin everything (in slow-motion)

(CBS) - I'm going to start off by saying the exact same thing this video does at the beginning (just to reinforce the point): Do not try this at home. With that out of the way, I present to you a bunch of things in a microwave exploding in slow-motion.

Okay, so it is technically a commercial, which we tend to avoid here at The Feed, but it's a clever commercial that teaches us the valuable lesson of not putting certain things in the microwave (at least I hope it does).

The video was posted by YouTube user moessouthwestgrill1 who writes:

Ever wonder what would happen if you put a watermelon in the microwave? Or a lightbulb? Or a champagne bottle? We slowed it down for you so you wouldn't miss a thing. Real explosions...just not in real time. And yep, it's true. Microwaves ruin EVERYTHING.

And if you're curious to see more science-related videos (okay, big grain of salt with this particular one, I know), you should check out our latest column for YouTube Trends by clicking here.
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